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30 December 2018

Camera Jokes, Funny Camera, Funny Camera Jokes.

Camera Jokes, Funny Camera, with full explanation; The fun and humor provides an exciting place regarding science Humor and memes with full explanation. Camera Jokes, camera memes. Funny Camera.

Camera Jokes, Funny Camera

Being so intelligent you must have understood the humor and concept behind this because it is not far more conceptual, and the next thing, that depending upon our personality and nature everyone of us have wide range of thoughts and opinions regarding any topic, meme, humor, fun or funny material when we try to analyze it in our own personal way at the very 1st look. So i request all of you to make your own ideas at the 1st look of the above image and let your mind to arrange your own humor without reading the below description. After that read the explanation given below and compare your thoughts with that and in the last don't forget to share your ideas because they are so precious for me and i need that..


     You can see there are two cameras in the above Camera Joke image, one is an old which was used in the early stages of development of the camera and the other one is of modern time. As we know that the ancient cameras were not able to make videos, they were just used to make pictures and the pictures captured by them were not of high quality. So it would be a good statement if we say that the old cameras were just able to imagine things.

    As for as the modern cameras are concerned they can capture very high quality images so obviously they are able to imagine the things like that of old cameras. On the other hand the modern cameras are able to make videos which was not the feature of old cameras.

    When we make picture of any place, event, situation or person we can just imagine that situation but after long times if anyone other sees those images he/she will not be able to judge properly that what was happening at that spot, may be someone gets a random ideas or hypothetical observations created by their own minds about the image but they wouldn't know that what were the conversations taking place between the persons shown in the image or was there any other person at that place which is not shown in the picture or the topic of discussion at that moment. So we can say that an image cannot remember the situation properly but can imagine it very well.

    On the other hand the cameras of the modern era instead of making the high quality images can also make high quality videos, and by making the videos we can properly judge the whole situation of the environment and the people shown in the video including their conversation and the topic of discussion.That's why due to ability of these cameras to record videos they are able to remember the things. So, we can say that the modern cameras are able to imagine as well as remember  the things and the events taking place in the recorded video.

     In order to create Camera Jokes I tried to put an idea that cameras are talking to each other and the modern camera is asking the old camera whether he can remember the old things of the ancient times and in response an old camera replies that he can only imagine the things but can't remember them properly.


Camera Jokes, Funny Camera

Now the Camera Joke in this image is also same as the above with a little difference in the humor of Funny Camera Joke. This Funny Camera does not need any high sense of humor to understand its meaning, that is why i am not going to explain this Camera Joke because you are genius enough to understand this.

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