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27 December 2018

Chemistry Mole Jokes-Mole Jokes With Description-Mole in fun way-Mole Jokes.

Chemistry Mole Humor, Chemistry Mole Jokes-Mole Jokes;

 Today i am going to present the humor of chemistry mole and Mole Jokes with fun and its proper description. Try to understand this mole Jokes and humor.

Mole Jokes by The Fun and Humor

    I know you guys are much more genius so at first try to understand the concept of above image without reading the description and then compare your ideas with the below description and share your valuable thoughts in the comments.

Great admiration to the AMEDEO AVOGADRO who discovered the concept of mole and avogadro's number and made the measurements possible in stoichiometry .


It is not difficult to understand the humor behind this Mole Joke for any person who knows the basics of chemistry. The whole concept of the Mole Joke depends upon the fact that ''MOLE'' is a common word used for both the chemistry mole (unit) and the mole on our skin (pairs of words).

mole; A black spot on the human skin; now if I use mole (small letters) in the following part it means mole on our skin...

MOLE; Under the system international (S.I) the unit chosen to describe the quantity of a substance is called mole. It is used in chemistry for different calculations and measurements (represented by symbol mol.);  now if I use MOLE (capital letters) in the following part it means mole that is used in chemistry.

       It feels so strange and awkward to say that a mole present on our skin is equal to an Avogadro's number. So the mole can never be used related to this concept. So, mole is not equal to MOLE and mole is not equal to an Avogadro's number but MOLE is equal to an Avogadro's number of particles.There is huge difference between MOLE and mole. If you say that you have a mole on your face then you can't say that you have an Avogadro's number on your face so you mean of saying is that a mole without an Avogadro's number then certainly you are torturing the soul of Amedeo Avogadro (make sure don't sleep alone at night)..

     Hence, it is proved that a mole is not always equal to an Avogadro's number of particles. This is what the actual humor behind above Mole Joke is.

For People Who Want To Understand The Concept Of  Mole In More Detail;

          As everyone is aware of the mole present on our skin so i am now going to explain the mole used in chemistry which is actually the main cause of humor in the above Mole Joke (hope you are already aware and fully understood about the concept of mole as you are much more intelligent than me but I am explaining for the people who came here by chance and are interested to understand the humor of this post, image).


              MOLE IN CHEMISTRY

  When atomic mass of atoms and molecular mass of molecules is taken in grams then it is called a mole.

mole is actually a counting unit like that of a ''dozen'' but with a difference of number,as we know that a dozen contains 12 number of items (substances) so a mole contains 6.023×10^23 items which is called Avogadro's number.

In a more simple way;

  1 Dozen = 12 bananas
  1 Mole = 6.022×1023 bananas

1 mole of Na atoms = 22 grams = 6.022×1023 Na atoms,

1 mole of O2 = 32 grams = 6.022×1023 O2 molecules,

1 mole of  H= 2 grams = 6.022×1023 H2 molecules,

    The oxygen molecule is heavy and bigger than the Na and H, therefore the 6.023×10^23 particles (molecules in this case) of oxygen possess more weight (32 grams) while the  6.023×10^23 particles of Na have less (11 grams) and the hydrogen which is the smallest atom contains lesser weight (2 grams).

        As you can see above that in one mole of every substance the number of particles of that substance (atoms, molecules, ions, formula units, etc) remain same but the mass of different substances varies according to the size and weight of every single atom in that substance.

      we can apply the same concept to the Dozen, one dozen of every thing contains 12 particles but the mass of one dozen of everything is different. Suppose we take one dozen of eggs and one dozen of watermelons and suppose mass of one egg is 5 grams and mass of 1 watermelon is 10 grams.so now the mass of 12 eggs (1 dozen) is 60 grams and mass of 12 apples (1 dozen) is 120 grams because watermelons are more heavy and bigger than eggs.. Therefore;

1 dozen of eggs = 60 grams = 12 eggs          and;

1 dozen of watermelons =120 grams = 12 watermelons.

Hope now you are well understood with the concept of mole therefore I am again focusing on the actual mole Joke of this post. All humor and fun of the post lies in the double meaning of the mole. The mole present on our skin will never be equal to the Avogadro's number (rather it feels so strange and cheap to think like that). Because there is a huge difference between both, now look at the above image and share your opinions.
      Share your thoughts about my way of explaining the mole jokes and Humor. Follow this blog for more such type of posts and don't forget to comment.

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