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26 December 2018

My First Post - my 1st post on blogger- blogger First post.

First of all I honestly want to tell you that this was My First Post but I am not writing it 1st time, funny but true.. Actually I started all this with very inexperienced beginning that is why I had to change every thing time to time. But I decided to let some inexperienced content stay in my 1st post, so the following portion describes the start of my blogging journey and the way i tried to made my audience understand about it, in  a very much childish way. So read and give your feedback..

Here is My First Post which i wrote originally for the 1st time.

Science Fun and Humor 1st Post.

This is My First Post on blogger and in this my first post i will try to introduce my blog and my special content that i am going to upload. The rise of the Science Fun and Humor.


    Hi there, I was about to write my fist post regarding my  blog"The Fun And Humor" but suddenly i started thinking that why not should i introduce about my blog and the content that i am going to share with you, as well as my struggle and past experiences that i made before this. I know it is the start of everything but reaching up to this level was not too easy for me that I am uploading my ideas.

        I am a medical student and it was some difficult for me to get the time for this purpose, finally i am done with my exams and recently started blogging. I was doing so much work to design the themes and a lot of stuff but I couldn't  wait too long  and now I'm uploading  my first post on blogger and hope one day it will be one of the successful blog..


       You must be aware of the competition of the modern world blogging, it is beyond the limits of chasing. So in my first post like most of the smart bloggers i decided to upload a unique content (which may only be unique according to my mind but a trash can according to you depending upon mind and field) which i think is somewhat different.

            As the name of my blog (The Fun And Humor) indicates that there is something related with fun and humor. I am going to use the different concepts of science in a fun way by creating the humorous and conceptual images as twisted and funny way. I know each and every person is not able to understand such complicated concepts of science specially when they are made so twisted, that is why i will explain the every image with full description and explanation below.

        I want my audience to try to understand the humor of each and every image at first without reading the below description and then try to compare it with the explanation which i have given below.If u have better explanation than me please don't be too greedy to share in the comments.

       Certainly you will find it an amazing place if you are aware of the basics of science and interested in the content of science humor. Besides the advancement of science it needs an alternating way of thinking, definitely it is much more fun to use science concepts in this way.


             Now a days there are so many platforms available which provide you with an interesting humor and science related humor and as the people of this era are so knowledgeable that they don't find it difficult to understand this type of humor.so i want my audience to follow the following steps to make it more interesting.

1. See the image in the top,

2. Try to understand the concept and humor of that image,

3. Read the description given below,

4. Compare the ideas...,

5. Share your ideas in the comments and if you have have a better explanation than me share that too.

       Hope you liked my first post and properly understood the ideas that i wanted to tell about my blog and the type of content. Support me to make this journey successful.

THANK YOU for joining..

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