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20 September 2019

Cephalothoracopagus, Conjoined Twins Jokes ,a newborn disorder in humorous way. Funny memes.

Cephalothoracopagus,a disorder in newborn babies (conjoined twins jokes) described in humorous way, try to understand the humor of Conjoined Twin Jokes (cephalothoracopagus) in this case. Funny memes, Funny jokes.

Conjoined Twins jokes

Conjoined Twin Jokes

   Being so intelligent you must have understood the concept of above image and the humor behind this, so make your ideas in your mind without reading the below description and then read below my thoughts and compare both of them. At last don't forget to share your ideas in the comments.


Explanation of Conjoined Twin Joke.

      Cephalothoracopagus is a dangerous disorder that occurs during the developmental stages in the growing embryos (fetuses). It occurs in case of twins and its consequences are very much strange and unwanted. The babies born with this condition are highly disable not only for living but also for the social life. Babies with this condition may have their head displaced towards the shoulders or they may have some dual body parts or even two heads with single body or two bodies with single head.

      In above image you can see a huge bunch of ginger. Normally the ginger is cut down into small baby pieces which is available in the market and we use it in our diet. But here we see that the ginger is in conjoined form and not cut down into small pieces, so it is exactly looking like a case of cephalothoracopagus,(conjoined twins) all parts are immersed with each other like many bodies are conjoined together to make a single body. This is how I created the Conjoined Twin Jokes. Hope you liked this  Conjoined Twin Joke.


        The cephalothoracopagus is a rare but more worse form of conjoint twins. The incidence of conjoined twins occurs once in 50,000 to 100,000 cases while the incidence of Cephalothoracopagus happens once in every 3 million births. It occurs in monozygotic twins, developing from the same embryo after 13th day of conception due to incomplete division of the embryonic disc.

          After fertilization the embryo divides and redivides for a number of time to form a round structure called morula. In case of dizygotic twins the two ova are produced by the female ovary and both of them are fertilized by two different sperms to form dizygotic twins. But in case of monozygotic twins the single ovum is fertilized by the single sperm which then divides and redivides to form morula and at the time of segmentation after 13 days of fertilization the morula divides into two parts and both of them develop into separate embryo.

       The incidence of conjoined twins happens in case of monozygotic twins where the segmentation cannot take place properly and some parts of the both embryos remain conjoined. So, the resulting fetuses are developed as conjoined twins. Now depending upon the area and degree of contact of both embryos the consequences of the conjoined twins are different, which is classified embryologically as follows;

       Ventral union; Fetuses are conjoined at the ventral portion and   this is the largest possibility 87% of the cases.

         Cephalopagus; It occurs in 11% of the cases and the developing embryos are born conjoined from head to he umbilicus.

         Thoracopagus; It happens in 19% of the cases and the fetuses  are conjoined with the heart (single heart).

        Ischiopagus;  Fetuses are conjoined with the lower abdomen,genital and urinary systems.

      Dorsal union; In 13% of the cases the fetuses are conjoined dorsally.

        Craniopagus; cranium of the fetuses are conjoined.

        Cephalothoracoagus; This condition is combination of cephalopagus and throacopagus which is a very rare condition of twin pregnancy. In this condition the there is incomplete fusion of heads and chest but the limbs and pelvises are separated. It occurs once in 3 million pregnancies.

Conjoined Twin Jokes

        Now hope you are well understood with the whole concept of conjoined twins and the cephalothoracopagus so, look at the above image and try to understand the science humor of the  Conjoined Twin Jokes and share your opinions with others. Being so humorous you must have more unique ideas so share your humor in the comments about this post as well as in the other fields of science. Hope you liked these  Conjoined Twin Jokes .                                                     

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