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26 December 2018

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Science Humor, Science Fun Humor, sense of humor related to science memes and Science Humor;

Humor is an amazing gift of God, two persons may have different levels of humor but its amazement is that it does not depends upon the environment or living place of an individual, it's the natural talent of anyone who owns this...

      Humor can be related to any field or any dimension of thinking, now a days the science humor is coming on the front as an evidence of the advancement of this advanced era of life. There are many people in the world interested in science and like the science humor not just for the sake of fun but it also calculates the conceptual and humorous level of an individual.

Humor in daily life

In our daily life we come across a lot of situations where we use humor or meet the people having an amazing sense of humor, which may be our family member, our best friend, our colleague, or spouse etc. These people make our lives joyful with their amazing and perfect jokes at perfect occasions and our time spent with them is always in our recalls. There are lot of advantages of having a good sense of humor because it enhances our personality by killing the boredom of our friends and colleagues and makes us the source of their laughs. Obviously no one wants to involve him/her in a person like a robot to make the life further boring, in a period where we are already encircled among the machines far from the real happiness. on the other hand in this way we can also improve the efficiency of our total output in any project.

       That's why we must have a good sense of humor, if you are in a complex of not having a good sense of humor you can start building it by involving yourself in humor related contents, so that your mind can learn the way to let your neurons think in that way step by step.

Humor in party or among the friends;

All of us must have gone to parties in schools, colleges, universities, with friends or marriage parties or in any type of  reunions. You must have noticed any of your friend or colleague to becoming an apple of the eyes of everyone due to his good sense of humor by creating an extra joyful moments of your event. By doing this we can also help the others to throw off the hesitations and be more interactive with one another by making the situation light and easy for every one. In this way we are providing an opportunity to other members of the party to express their feelings and easily talk to every one. Due to this property of us people start loving us and we can become the actual hero of that event while making the other people enjoyable.

Good sense of humor and relationships;

While reading the above paragraphs you must have understood that a good humor is so important regarding your personality and an overall impact on other people. Being social and emotional animal human prefers to stay in happy environment where instead of the all basic needs we want to interact with others, especially to those with whom we feel comfortable and at the same time a happy and enjoyable conversation with is not possible without a good sense of humor. Because no one wants to listen our boring lectures and philosophies of life until we are not making them enjoyable.

      Being human girls are also having the sane nature that they are attracted mostly to those guys who own an amazing sense of humor and to some extent same is the rule for boys, because in most cases boys make the first move. Those guys who know how to make an easy and light conversation with a girl are the ones who can approach any girl without any hesitation and the fear of being rejected, because your tongue is the real key, until you don't talk to any person how can they know about your feelings and personality. You can start this in any party or in a gathering of few people or friends where the person you want to approach is also preset. So once you made the conversation easy with that person whom you want to approach you have done seventy percent of your work but that is not possible without a good sense of humor, because by using the humor with other members of the event you can talk step by step to the person of your choice.

Science Fun and Humor;

This is the era of great scientific inventions by using the applications of different laws of science. In the modern life where science has developed to such an extent, at the same time the science humor is also developed and we are now using the concepts of science in humorous and funny way. 


    This is actually a very amazing idea to see your modern science topics in the form of a meme or pun and science humor which enhances our interest in learning the science in an alternative way. For example you come across a meme or joke of a topic related to science but you have not studied that topic may be because that is not related to your field, so you will try to understand it and in case you can't figure it out you will search it or discuss with the friends in craze of understanding the science humor hidden in that science meme. So in this way we can make the learning of science enjoyable and interesting and at the same time it also increases our sense of humor and science humor.


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