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19 January 2019

Science Humor-Hulk Jokes-Hulk Memes-Gigantism and Acromegaly in Marvel.Funny memes.

Gigantism and Acromegaly, in funny and humorous way, both cases present in the marvel. Hulk memes and jokes. Hulk jokes, Funny memes, Funny humor.

Hulk Memes

Being so intelligent and knowledgeable you must have understood the humor and concept behind this because it is not far more conceptual beyond your minds, and the next thing, that depending upon our personality and nature everyone of us have wide range of thoughts and opinions regarding any topic, meme, humor, fun or funny material when we try to analyse it in our own personal way at the very 1st look. So i request all of you to make your own ideas at the 1st look of the above image and let your mind to arrange your own humor without reading the below description. After that read the explanation given below and compare your thoughts with that and in the last don't forget to share your ideas because they are so precious for me and i need that.

      In the above Hulk Meme hulk is associated with acromegaly. Acromegaly is a disorder related to growth hormone which may occur due to abnormality of hypothalamus or pituitary gland. Up to the adult life there is increase in length of the body and the bones are growing at fastest rate but after the age of 18 years the body length reaches to its peak level depending upon the genetics of every individual, after that there is increase in width of bones and body up to a certain limit but increase in growth hormone at this period of age further increases the growth of bones and the bones of feet and hands and at the joints become too much wide and enlarged due to which person looks like a giant.

Hulk Memes by the Fun and humor

In this Hulk Meme hulk has been associated with gigantism. Gigantism is another disorder in human physiology which also occurs due to abnormalities related to hypothalamus or pituitary gland, which cause increased release of growth hormone before the adult life.

   The function of growth hormone is to increase bones and muscles growth along with many other functions. During the  early life stages there is increase in body length and the bones are increasing at a higher rate therefore the increase in growth hormone further increases the growth of bones and bones become too much elongated than normal and this condition is called acromegaly.

The only difference between acromegaly and gigantism is that gigantism occurs due to increase in growth hormone before the adult life and acromegaly occurs due to increase in growth hormone after adult life, due to abnormalities in hypothalamus and pituitary gland (where growth hormone is synthesized and secreted in blood)..

       Hulk is a very famous character of the Marvel and everyone is aware of his huge body and size. So, we can take the hulk as an example of acromegaly and gigantism to create the Hulk Memes in a funny way.

Hope you liked this fun and humor related to science versus Hulk.

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