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30 January 2019

Bernoulli equation in funny and humorous way, physics jokes. Bernoulli's jokes, Science Memes.

Bernoulli's equation in humorous and funny way. Physics Jokes, Science concepts full of humor and satire with description, Bernoulli Equation Jokes. Funny memes, Funny jokes.

Physics Jokes. Bernoulli Jokes

Being so intelligent and knowledgeable you must have understood the humor and concept behind this because it is not far more conceptual beyond your minds, and the next thing, that depending upon our personality and nature everyone of us have wide range of thoughts and opinions regarding any topic ,meme, humor, fun or funny material when we try to analyze it in our own personal way at the very 1st look. So I request all of you to make your own ideas at the 1st look of the above image and let your mind to arrange your own humor without reading the below description. After that read the explanation given below and compare your thoughts with that and in the last don't forget to share your ideas because they are so precious for me and i need that.

The whole concept is based on the Bernoulli's equation. Bernoulli was a great scientist who gave an equation regarding fluid dynamics.

                      P + 1/2ρv² + ρg.h = constant

        According to this equation, if an area where there is increase in speed, there will be decrease in pressure and vice versa.

      Actually speed here means the speed of air at that area. So if speed of air at any place is increased there will be automatically decrease in pressure.

For example;
    When you suck the air from a plastic water bottle, the bottle squeezes. This is because of the fact that when you suck the air from the bottle the air moves from bottle to your mouth, due to which the speed of air in the bottle increases and according to Bernoulli's equation the pressure inside the bottle will reduce. While to the outside the speed of sound is not as fast as inside the bottle, so there is increase in pressure outside the bottle. 

Therefore, there is decrease in pressure inside the bottle. Hence this increase in pressure outside the bottle applies pressure on the side of bottle and causes it to squeeze.

Explanation of Physics Jokes;

      In the Physics Joke above you can see a girl with long dress. You must have observed that when air is blown around such type of long dresses, they flow in the air and lift to the upward direction. So Bernoulli is saying that;

 "what if i increase the pressure around her dress".

        Now the same principle applies here, when we blow air around her dress, there will be increase in speed of air around the dress, while at the same time the pressure around her dress will be very much low. The air is blown outside the dress while from the inside the is no flow of air. So we can say that the speed of air from inside the dress is very low, due to which the pressure from inside the dress is very high. 
Therefore, the increased pressure from the inside causes the dress to lift in upward direction and causes the body parts to become nude (you must have seen when a high speed car passes besides a girl wearing a dress like this).
     So what does Bernoulli wants here that he is increasing the speed around her dress up to a lowest level possible. I think he wants to approve his equation or he doesn't want any error in his equation that is why he is proving the equation in such a way so that the audience May not feel bored. Some people must thank Bernoulli for giving such an amazing concept, that they are now free from a slap on their face while lifting such types dresses and seeing how much is inside, just move a high speed car near her (provided that, she is standing beside the road).

Physics Jokes. Bernoulli's equation Jokes

Now the same concept applies here,

   In the above Physics Joke/Bernoulli Joke, Bernoulli was increasing the speed while in this Physics Joke Bernoulli is reducing the pressure as much as possible. So the pressure outside the dress will be decreased and the pressure from the inside will remain same, greater than the outside because Bernoulli is decreasing the pressure just from outside while the inside pressure will remain same and a moment will occur when the inside pressure will be very much higher than the outside pressure. So, the high pressure will uplift the dress and you know the end result.

Funny jokes. Funny memes. Funny humor. Physics Jokes.

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