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03 January 2019

Science Humor-Newton and Laplace in humorous-Newton Jokes-Laplace correction in humor.

Newton and Laplace in humorous way; a funny adventure between newton and Laplace. Laplace correction in humorous way, test your knowledge and humor both in The Fun and Humour.


       Being so intelligent and knowledgeable you must have understood the humor and concept behind this because it is not far more conceptual beyond your minds, and the next thing that depending upon our personality and nature everyone of us have wide range of thoughts and opinions regarding any topic, meme, humor, fun or funny material when we try to analyse it in our own personal way at the very 1st look. So i request all of you to make your own ideas at the 1st look of the above image and let your mind to arrange your own humor without reading the below description. After that read the explanation given below and compare your thoughts with that and in the last don't forget to share your ideas because they are so precious for me and i need that.


       Newton and Laplace, both of them were the great scientists of their era and even in this modern time their researches have an immense importance.

      In the later half of 17th century Sir Isaac Newton proposed an equation for calculating the speed of sound in air and in any fluid (medium). Newton thought that sound travels through a fluid under isothermal conditions (Newton neglected the changes in temperature while calculating the equation for speed of sound). According to Newton the speed of sound in any medium depends upon the density and elasticity of the medium. On the basis of this concept newton calculated the equation for the speed of sound as follows..

                              c =  P/แตจ

       But actually this equation is not correct because the speed of sound calculated by this equation is 281 m/s but the experimental value for speed of sound is 332 m/s, so there is 16% error in the result.

      In the same century a French mathematician Pierre-Simon Laplace argued that sound waves are compressional waves which contain a series of compressions and rarefactions. At a compression temperature of the air rises and at a rearefaction air is cooled down. Having this concept in mind Laplace told that the propagation of sound waves is not an isothermal process rather it is an adiabatic process, the change in temperature occurs but no heat leaves or enters the system (Laplace did't neglect the change in temperature). According to this concept Laplace modified the Newton's equation as follows by adding the gamma factor;

                            c =  ห P/ฯ

    The speed of sound calculated by this formula is 333 m/s which is very much close to the experimental value of speed of sound.

      It is not a good situation for a scientist when his theory or research is modified or proved wrong but still the maximum credit goes to the original creator, Sir Isaac Newton. Now this is the whole concept of above image, meme. Newton is saying that it's so hotness inside, let's play outside (like the little kids) in the park. In response Laplace replies in satire way that when did he start feeling changes in temperature, that he is feeling hotness of summer, because during calculation of equation for speed of sound Newton took isothermal conditions which means temperature does't change but now he is feeling that..

     Here is another one......for you.

Now, obviously you got this one, share your ideas with all regarding your sense of humor ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜Š.

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