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02 January 2019

Testicle Jokes, Ball Jokes - Science Memes, Funny Testicle Jokes.

Testicle Jokes, Ball Jokes; Find here the science Humor and memes related to Testicle Jokes and Ball Jokes with full explanation.

                   Testicle Jokes, Funny memes, Ball Jokes
Testicle Jokes  Ball Jokes

     Being so intelligent you must have understood the humor and concept behind this Testicle Joke/Ball Joke because it is not far more conceptual, and the next thing is that depending upon our personality and nature everyone of us has wide range of thoughts and opinions regarding any topic, meme, humor, fun or funny material when we try to analyze it in our own personal way at the very 1st look. So i request all of you to make your own ideas at the 1st look of the above image and let your mind to calculate your own humor without reading the below description. After that read the explanation given below and compare your thoughts with that and in the last don't forget to share your ideas because they are so precious for me and I need that..


      I think all of you have understood the humor of the above Testicle Joke because most of us (about 50%) experience this situation in our life for the infinite time. For all the male people it is even more easy to understand, as for as the females are concerned it may be some unknown thing because they did't ever experience this situation but they must have discussed it with their friends or studied in any book. Still if any female is unaware of this fact then she must study the physiology or make male friends or if you have male friends and still you cannot understand the humor of the above Testicle Joke then it means you are not spending much time with them, so spend some more time with them.😊😉😃😵😋

Testicle Joke/Ball Joke Explanation;

        The boy and a girl are walking along the road in the snow in a very romantic weather and loving style, a lovely couple. As you can see that there is so much cold, that is why the boy is telling the girl that he is feeling so cold but in response the girl replies that she is not feeling so much cold. The boy asks the reason that why is she not feeling so cold and the girl replies with a meaningful sentence that ''probably because you have the temperature sensors'', that's why you are feeling more cold.

    All the humor of this Testicle Joke/Ball Joke lies in the two words the ''Temperature Sensors''.

       In the human males (mammals) the gonads consist of two testes which descend downward in the scrotum in between the legs (I know you are very well aware of the location but still......😉😋). The testes are responsible for all the sexual development, arousal, sexual desire and drive of the males by producing the male sex hormone testosterone. Sperms are also produced in the seminiferous tubules.

        The normal temperature for the development and normal functioning of the sperms is 35 degree, while the temperature of our internal body is 37 degree which is 2 degree more than the temperature of the testes. So this is the reason due to which testes are placed outside the body in the scrotum.

        Now depending upon the outer environmental temperature the testes change the position. In the hot summer temperatures or the place where temperature is more towards positive range the testes descend downward to keep their normal functioning temperature at 35 degree by staying away from the hot temperature of the abdominal cavity, and in the cold winter times or the place where temperature is more towards the negative range the testes move upward to attach with the abdominal cavity to escape the decreasing temperatures. Due this quality testes are called as the Temperature Sensors...

 So this is the little bit humor hidden in the above Testicle Joke and at the same time a Ball Joke which i have created to share with you, hope now you are well understood with this.

   some more detail about testes;

    This section is not related to the Testicle Jokes or Ball Jokes. I am giving this scientific explanation of testes just for the information purpose. You can skip this portion and go to the below section where you can find Testicle jokes and Ball Jokes.

     During the embryonic life the testes are developed in the abdominal cavity but before the birth they are descend down to the scrotum through the inguinal canal. In some cases one or both testes don't descend downward due to which they are unable to perform their normal functions and the baby may become infertile in the future if they are not descend down surgically. The undescend of testes is called as cryptorchidism.

   This is the more common defect of male genitalia and occurs in one out f every 125 male babies.
This condition is more common in the premature births.

     I am not describing the more detail about the physiology and anatomy of the testes because my aim is to not to share these things, my aim is to share the fun and humor of Testicle Jokes and Ball Jokes that i have described above.

Thank you for coming here to enjoy the,

Testicle Joke Funny Memes and Ball Jokes;

Why are the testes outside the body?
For the females to kick when a male tries to rape.

What does right testicle tells the left testicle?
Do not mutate keep on producing the right sperms.

Why do females are not having testes?
Because males produce sperms for them.

What does the left testes say to the right testes?
Keep on producing the right amount of sperms.

What type of collision is the most common?
Head on collision between the balls.

Why do males not produce eggs?
They keep them inside.

Can a female love a male without balls?    No
So she loves your balls not you.  

Hope you enjoyed these Testicle Jokes and Ball Jokes.


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