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20 September 2019

Concept of Frequency in a Funny and Humorous way.Frequency memes.Funny jokes.Science teacher jokes.


    The concept of frequency of electrical current in humorous way in relation with the auditory frequency of human ear..Funny jokes.Funny memes.Funny humor. Science teacher jokes.

by the science fun & humor

       As we all know that frequency is a very versatile terminology which is used as a different concept in different topics of science, for example in waves,current,pendulum etc...

      so here in the above picture a student is asking her teacher a very silly question that if the auditory frequency of human ear ranges from 20 Hz to 20000 Hz ,then why cant we hear the current in the wires..?

       Now this is a very stupid question because there is no connection between the frequency of human ear and the auditory frequency of human ear. They are quite different things. Frequency actually represents the number of cycles no matter in what compartment of science or nature they are occuring.

 But what is the most funniest part of this funny meme........?   Yeah you are right the teacher`s answer.. 

         The teacher`s answer is much more sillier than student`s question, She really killed the concept and science of frequency and that`s the reason this science of humor is getting born. According to her we cant hear the sound of current because it is either flowing in insulated wires or in wires which are so high on electric line pillars (or digged deep in the ground). The teacher actually deserves a Nobel prize...

Funny jokes.Funny memes.Funny humor. Science Teacher jokes.

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