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27 November 2019

Water Puns-Anomalous Behavior of water-Funny water puns.

Water Puns related to concepts of science and anomalous behavior of water.

Amazing water puns related to anomalous behavior of water and some other properties of water. I have also given some explanation related to every water meme given so that you can enjoy the actual humor related to all the puns. A most of the memes are related to the anomalous behavior of water, so at first i am explaining the anomalous behavior of water in detail so that you can understand the all water Jokes without any difficulty and get the actual humor behind all the funny water puns.

Anomalous Behavior Of Water

Water is liquid but it shows a wide range of differences in its properties compared to all other liquids regarding its temperature changes. Every liquid when its temperature increases, its density decreases due to decrease in the inter molecular forces and opposite to that when its temperature decreases the density increases. When water is cooled down from a higher temperature its density increases up to the temperature of 4℃ after that its density starts decreasing from 4℃ to 0℃, that is why water has maximum density at 4℃ than its solid state which is at 0℃. Opposite to that when it is heated from solid state to higher temperatures its density increases from  0℃ to 4℃, after that its density decreases like very other liquid. This property of water is called the Anomalous Behavior of water. This property of water is because of the fact that at solid state water molecules arrange themselves in hexagonal structures which create a space in the hexagonal structure formed by water molecules, that is why the ice floats on the surface of water.

  Now based on this concept you can understand most of the following puns related to water, I am also explaining a little about each and every water meme below them. All of the following puns are related to concepts of science. Hope you will like all of the following water memes and jokes.


Water puns. Science Fun & Humor
 This water Joke is related to the anomalous behavior of water. As we all know that 70 percent of human body contains water. So the person is taking a selfie with the temperature recording device and the temperature outside is 3℃ which is close to 4℃. Therefore he is saying that he must go inside because there are chances that water inside his body start showing anomalous behavior, which is possible if you are not properly covered with winter clothing.

         Although the human body have mechanisms to maintain its internal temperature which will not allow the body water to reach the 4℃ but possible in dead bodies which may happen if any person died due to hypothermia in severe cold..Hope you liked this water meme.


Funny Water Jokes. Science Fun & Humor

This water Joke is also related to the anomalous behavior of water. In this meme a boy is holding a water bottle in his hand asking the people sitting with him that in fridge the bottle was half filled but since he took the bottle from the fridge the water has increased in the bottle even though no one added any extra amount of water in bottle. The guy replying him in a funny way that this is because he set the temperature of fridge at 4℃. As I have explained above that at 4℃ the water has maximum density and as we increase or decrease the temperature of water from 4℃ its density decreases due to which it expands.

Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

This water Pun is somehow related to the above one. In the above picture the girl is saying to the boy that yesterday when she came from another city to meet him she brought a water bottle with her and the she did not drink water from it but still the water was a little decreased in the sealed bottle when she saw in the morning. So she thought that there my be some supernatural forces who decreased the water in the sealed bottle from which she did not take even a single sip. The boy is trying to make her understand that there are no supernatural forces here, the water has decreased in the bottle because temperature here today is 4℃  due to which the density of water has increased and it looks like water has decreased but actually there is same quantity water in the bottle as before and this happened due to anomalous behavior of water.
I think you liked the humor behind this funny water meme.

Funny Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

You might have listened of the dead sea that its density is so much high and most of the things float on its surface because of its high density. So there is a person in the picture who is swimming in the water and enjoying like he has no fear of drowning. Because he knew about the anomalous behavior of water so he waited the whole year to turn the temperature of water at 4℃ so that he can swim in water of high density. At 4℃ water has highest density and it will help in swimming than its temperature at any other degree. So that is why the person is swimming without any fear of drowning and he is enjoying it đŸ˜ƒđŸ˜ƒđŸ˜ƒ...

Funny Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

I think you don not need any high sense of humor to understand this pun. I put it in water Jokes because it is somehow related to them. There are two whales saying that they are included in marine life, but on the other hand they are saying that we are married to each other. So the term marry-in-life describes both marine life and married in life, when we read it the voice of both is very much similar "marine life" and "marry in life".

Funny Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

The concept of this funny water pun is related to the property of water called the surface tension, which is formed due to the water molecules at the surface of water. Due to this surface tension the insects can crawl over the surface of water which is an advantage for them. So that is why this meme has been created by considering the mosquito which is saying that this is the only tension which releases his tension by helping him crawl on the surface of water in many ponds,canals and other places.

Funny Water Jokes. Science Fun & Humor

In this water meme a romantic couple is standing in the pool and the male is saying to female that let us go in the water because it will increase the adhesion and cohesion of our relationship. Actually the adhesion and cohesion are the properties of water, cohesion is the force between the water molecules which keeps them connected to each other, adhesion is the force due to which the water molecules can adhere to a surface of any other object. So according to the male partner if they will go inside the water they will remain attached to each other because water will stick to the bodies of both of them due to which their bodies will remain intact because of the cohesive forces between the water on male partner and the water on the female partner.... 

      This is the funny and humorous explanation but actually who cares about it, obviously a swimming pool is an amazing place for the romance and everything else when you have your favorite, you better know than me about that.

Funny Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

Allotropy is a phenomenon in which an element exists more than one form. Allotropy is not actually the property of water. If allotropy were the property of water there were no means of creating this pun, because solid, liquid and gas are not the allotropes of water as they all have the same bonding of hydrogen and oxygen in all three forms. So it is not too much funny but still we can say that it's a funny water pun, it also depend upon your own understanding and level of making a funny thing into ultra funny level.

Water puns. Science Fun & Humor

This is an ocean pun but at the same time a water meme. There is no human in this era who doesn't know about the incidence of titanic and an amazing movie about it. So here the ocean is warning the ship that you must recall the incidence of titanic and you should care about each and everything in order to avoid such type of incidences in the future, such a large ship is floating in the sea with such heavy weight which increase the danger.

Funny Water Jokes.

Hope now you have known about the anomalous behavior of water but what you are seeing in this funny water pun is not actually the anomalous behavior of water. When water remains in the oceans, rivers and the places where it should be actually then that is the actual behavior of water. Floods are a type of natural disasters which cause a huge loss of human life, animals and crops etc. So when it enters in the cities and houses in the form of a flood and destroys everything then we do not consider it as normal that is why i called this an anomalous behavior of water in order to create this pun.

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