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11 January 2020

Water Puns. Funny water puns and jokes. Science memes.

Water Puns related to science fun and humor, Funny Water Puns, jokes and memes related to science humor. Science memes.

Amazing and funny water puns, jokes and memes related to some  properties of water. I have also given some explanation related to every water joke so that you can enjoy the actual humor related to all the water puns.

water puns. science memes.

In the above water pun you can see that one liter of water is filled in different types of bottles. As we all know that water is a liquid and liquids have no specific shape, they adopt the shape of a container in which they are kept. Therefore we can see the different shapes of one liter of water in different bottles. This is because the inter-molecular forces between the water molecules are not strong enough to hold it in fixed shape like solids.

You can also see a famous proverb written above this water meme, ''Do in Rome as the Romans do'', which describes the fact that we should adopt ourselves according to the situation and the place in which we are living. As different cultures and societies have different fashions and trends, so we should follow their trends and the lifestyles because if we will not follow them we would look strange and weird to them.

Different shapes of water in the different bottles also describes this famous proverb because water adopts the shape of a container in which it is kept, that is why water can be filled easily in any container. So we should also follow this property of water so that we can adopt ourselves in any culture, country or the people of different mindset.

water puns. science memes.

I think you don't need any high sense of humor to understand this water meme. As we know that liquids have a specific volume which is measured in milliliters, liters and many other units. In the above water meme the water in one glass is saying to another water that i can't listen to you what are you saying, increase your volume so that i can listen to you, in response the water in the other glass replies that if  i increase my volume i will come out of glass..

       Actually in this meme the volume does not mean the volume which is related to sound. Volume is the physical property of liquids which the space occupied by them in any container. Now if the amount of water in any container is increased than the amount it can occupy, definitely it will come out of the container because we are adding extra volume of water.

     In this water pun the main source of humor is the word volume which is related both to the sound and to the physical property of liquids.. Hope now you are clear about the humor behind this water pun.

Science Fun Humor.

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