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12 January 2020

Water puns. Funny water puns and jokes.

Funny water puns related to anomalous behavior of water and science fun and humor, Water Puns, jokes and memes.

Amazing and funny water puns, jokes and memes related to some  properties of water. I have also given some explanation related to every water pun so that you can enjoy the actual humor related to all the puns of water.

water puns.
In this funny water pun the water in one glass is asking the other glass that how am i looking, in response of which the water in the other glass replies that, ''you know very well that you do not have your own shape''. 

As we all know that water is a liquid and liquids do not have their own own specific shape, they adopt the shape of every container in which they are kept e.g. bottle, glass, cup etc. So it may be funny in the sense that water of one glass is saying to the water of another glass that the shape you are having is actually not your own shape, basically it is the shape of the glass, so you can't be happy over the shape that is actually not your..

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The concept of this water pun is related to the anomalous behavior of water, so at first i am explaining the anomalous behavior of water so that you can understand the actual humor behind this water meme.

Anomalous Behavior Of Water

This may be a little bit Boring,

Water is liquid but it shows a wide range of differences in its properties compared to all other liquids regarding its temperature changes. Every liquid when its temperature increases, its density decreases due to decrease in the inter molecular forces and opposite to that when its temperature decreases the density increases. When water is cooled down from a higher temperature its density increases up to the temperature of 4℃ after that its density starts decreasing from 4℃ to 0℃, that is why water has maximum density at 4℃ than its solid state which is at 0℃. Opposite to that when water is heated from solid state to higher temperatures its density increases from  0℃ to 4℃, after that its density decreases like very other liquid. This property of water is called the Anomalous Behavior of water. This property of water is because of the fact that at solid state water molecules arrange themselves in hexagonal structures which create a space in the hexagonal structure formed by water molecules, that is why the ice floats on the surface of water.

  Now based on this concept you can understand the following water pun.

Explanation of Water Pun;

In the above water pun the guy holding a water bottle in his hand telling his friends that he can show them a magic trick, and the trick is that he will place the water bottle in the fridge for some time and after some time the water in the bottle will reduce, even though he will not remove the water from the bottle. The other friend replies to him with a smile that, ''are you talking about the anomalous behavior of water''.

        As you have already read about the anomalous behavior of water so now it's easy for you to understand that water increases its density at 4℃ due to which the molecules of water will come closer and it will look like the total amount of water in any container has reduced, but actually the amount of water has not reduced, it is the density which has increased but the total amount of water is same. So you can play this trick if you set the the fridge at 4℃ which will turn the temperature of water at 4℃. That is why his friend is smiling in this pun of water because he exposes his trick.

Hope you liked these water puns and the humor behind them..

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