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23 January 2020

Water puns. Funny water puns. Science Fun and Humor.

Water Puns related to the concepts of science, Funny Water Puns,  jokes and memes full of science fun and humor;

Water is the source of maintenance of life on this planet and very much important, sometimes it is funny and enjoying to create the fun and humor of the things that are very important for us. That's why i decided to create some water puns to make you enjoy and funny from these water puns. I have posted many other water puns in the previous posts that you can see in the related posts of funny water memes.

      In order to create the humor and enjoying the things in funny way we have to speak the words and language of things that can't speak in actual, as water can't speak so i am going to give it an illusionary language to create the humor of  funny water memes.

water puns.

In this water pun the water in one glass is saying to another glass that you are shouting too much and disturbing me, so shut up and decrease your volume and talk slowly. The other glass replies that do not be jealous my increased volume than your.

As we know that volume is the same word used for both the volume related to the intensity of sound and the amount of space occupied by any substance. So here i used this word in a double meaning to create the humor of this funny water meme

Actually the water in the left glass is jealous of the increased volume of water in the right glass but the water of left glass asks the water of other glass to decrease his volume in a way that he shouldn't use the actual words..

water puns.

In this water pun the water in the glass is saying that i do not bother too much about my condition, i just go with the flow. Water is a liquid and a liquid always flows from high potential to low potential. On the earth water is present in huge amount and always flowing in the rivers and canals.

I know that there is no need to explain this water pun because there is no extra high humor behind this, but i am just following the tradition of this blog and for my personal interest to explain every meme, pun or jokes that are related to science. 

We know that it is the nature of water to go with the flow, it is not a special quality of water related to emotions like in human to go with the flow when we don't have any choice in some situations. Therefore it is funny to some extant when we say about water that it never bothers too much it just goes with the flow..

Hope you enjoyed these Funny Water Puns.., SCIENCE FUN & HUMOR

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