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09 January 2020

Water Puns. Funny Water Puns. Funny Water Memes

Funny Water Puns and Funny Water Memes related to science fun and humor, Water puns and jokes related to the concepts of science.

Amazing funny water puns related to anomalous behavior of water and some other properties of water. I have also given some explanation related to every water pun given so that you can enjoy the actual humor related to all the funny water memes.

water puns. Funny Water Memes

In this water pun a student is asking a question to his teacher that why we cannot drink the water of Dead Sea, in response of which the teacher replies in a funny way that we can't drink the water of dead sea because it can increase our tension. This is because the dead sea has a lot of surface tension because of the heavy amount of salts present in it. As the increased salt intake can cause hypertension and many other disorders so indirectly it can increase our tension and discomfort. So the dad sea can increase our tension like its own tension.

water puns Funny Water Memes

In this water pun a doctor is checking the blood pressure of a patient and he tells the patient that you are identified as a case of hypertension so you need to avoid the salt intake in order to avoid the further complications of the increased blood pressure. When the patient inquires that why does he need to avoid the salt, the doctor replies that 'he need to avoid the salt because it my increase the tension of his 80%'.

As we know that about 75 to 80% of human body is composed of water and salt increases the surface tension of water. So here it creates the double meaning, high blood pressure causes discomfort and tension, and salt also increases the surface tension of water. Therefore salt increases the hypertension and the tension of 80% of water in our body. Hope you have got what is the actual humor behind this water pun.

Funny Water Memes.

This is the most famous meme you must have came across, that's why i decided to follow the trend to create a funny water meme, as we all know that water is known as a universal solvent but being polar it can't dissolve non-polar substances in it. You must be aware of the famous dialogue of this movie during these scenes between Thor and Hela .                 

Acetone is a non polar solvent and according to a famous saying, ''like dissolve likes'' means polar solutes are soluble in polar solvents and non polar solutes are soluble in non polar solvents. Therefore acetone can dissolve oils but water can not..
Hope you liked this Funny Water Meme.

water puns. Funny Water Memes

This is a picture of toilet shower and water coming out of it with high pressure as used in toilet. This must be the most funny water  meme. Flux the number of lines passing through an area, as in this water pun the numerous lines of water are coming out so it also describes the flux. And you must be aware where these lines are hitting you when you are using this, you are intelligent enough to understand what i am trying to say.. 

This is the problem which you can't easily share with anyone and this flux can be more severe depending upon the situations e.g during winter it is too cold and during summer it is too hot in the areas where there is too hotness.

Hope you liked these water puns, Funny Water Memes and the humor behind them.

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