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10 February 2020

Water Puns. Water Jokes. Science Fun Humor

Water Puns and Water Jokes related to science fun humor;

Water is the source of maintenance of life on this planet and very much important, sometimes it is funny and enjoying to create the fun and humor of the things that are very important for us. That's why i decided to create some water puns to make you enjoy and laugh from these water memes.. I have posted many other water puns in the previous posts that you can see in the related posts of  below.

In order to create the humor, fun and funny puns we have to assign different characters, languages, sounds and feelings to the things that do not have such type of qualities or feelings like human beings, because without doing this we would miss a huge portion of creativity in this field. That is why, following this tradition I have created all these puns of water, memes and jokes, all of which are related to the science humor and the concepts of science described in funny way, full of science fun and humor. Hope you will like them. Here is the 1st one.


Water Puns, science fun humor.

In this water pun there is an ice cube whom i gave the appearance of a girl and on the other side there is a water drop whom i gave the character of a boy. The water drops tells the ice cube that you are looking cool and as we know that ice is always cool so that becomes a pun by having a double meaning, because we also describe a person as cool when someone is looking handsome or in a stylish outfit. We also know that liquid water has higher temperature than ice that is why it is in the melted form. Here there is another pun because we also use the word  melted   when someone very beautiful and impressive person attracts us by his/her looks.

So the water drop tells the ice cube that "You are looking cool" which is an obvious thing that ice is always cool, but on the other hand the ice cube (beautiful girl) is also looking cool because of her stylish and sexy appearance. In response the ice cube (beautiful girl) replies that "looks like you are melted on me", which means liquid water is always in melted form but water drop is also melted on the beauty of ice cube (beautiful girl). So here is a pun by using the double meaning of these words and the type of image that i have created. Hope you enjoyed the humor behind this water pun.

 puns of water, science fun humor.

In this water pun you can see a water drop moving away from the water of sea, which was actually the part of sea water. He is saying that 'i am going away from the sea water' that is why he is saying bye bye to sea water. 

Here is a pun related to the words sea and see. I think there is not any high level of humor in this pun, you can understand this very easily. The water drop is saying "bye bye... sea you later" which means both that "i will see you later" and "the sea is the later preference for me now i am going away from it".
Hope you have understood and liked the humor behind this water pun.

water puns,science fun humor

This pun/joke is somewhat related to the 1st one, where you can see an ice cube (mentioned as beautiful girl) and a water drop, liquid water (a boy). But here is case is opposite, in this water pun the ice cube (beautiful girl) first complements the water droplet (a handsome boy) and says that "you are looking handsome", in response of which the water droplet (the boy) replies that "i was sure that i will melt you".

Now here exactly same like the 1st pun/joke the word melted is used as a source of humor and pun, but in 1st pun of water it was used by the girl for showing feelings of boy that he was having for girl. However in this water pun it is used for girl by the boy, (hope now you can relate the ice cube to girl and water drop to boy, so i don't need to tell every time while describing the humor behind these puns/jokes).

 The boy impressed the girl and the girl started melting on him, which is actually the normal property of ice, melting, whenever it is exposed to high temperature.

water puns

Here in this water pun there is an ice cube named as hard water and on the opposite side there is a glass of water named as soft water. Hope you are aware of the concepts of hard water and soft water. Hard water is a water that has high mineral content as compared to the soft water. Hard water contains the carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates of calcium and magnesium.

In the above water pun the hard water and soft water are classified on their external hardness, of course ice is the solid form of water and is very hard as compared to the normal liquid form of water. So there is a nice water jokes where the ice is mentioned as hard water while the normal water is classified as soft water which has no chemical link or evidence that it is true. Hope you liked this water joke.

water puns & jokes.

In this water pun you can see that a water drop is saying that "I am going to cry in the dead sea because I don't have salt in my tears". We know that when we cry the tears come out which contain salt in them, and we also know that normal pure water don't contain any type of salt in it, but the dead sea, you might have heard of it, contain huge amount of salts in its water due to which it has very high density than normal water and because of its high density the most of the things can float on its surface which usually sink in the normal water.

So our tears contain salt and the dead sea also contains salt in its water but the normal pure water or fresh water of rivers, springs and canals do not contain salt. Therefore in order to cry we need salt, that is why the drop of fresh water is going to cry in the dead sea.. Now let us move to the next one.

water puns,science fun humor.

I have created this type of many other water puns, you can visit them in the related posts of this blog. 

Here in this pun you can see there are two glasses, one having low volume of water and the other to the right, having high volume of water as compared to the left one. 

The left glass is saying to the right glass that, "I was shouting on your door, why you did not open the door..?"

In response the right glass replies that, "i think you know very well that you don't have enough volume".

In this pun the actual humor of this pun lies in the word Volume, which refers to the both, the sound and the amount of any substance.

So the right glass is saying to the left glass that you don't have enough volume which means both, that your amount is low as well as your sound is also very low that is why I did not listened to you.

I am sure that you liked the way i created these Water Puns, water jokes and memes. This may be somewhat different regarding science jokes but I love to create this type of content, if you are also liking then let me know in the comments so that I continue to create this type of stuff..
Thank You for joining into  Science Fun and Humor.

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