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Hi, I am Shoaib Ahsan Atta,a medical student. I am interested in medical as well as in other fields of science and try to use them in twisted way as fun and humour..I like humorous concepts and things around us.

       Humour is the most amazing thing, it also determines your level of intelligence and increases the charm of your personality in any party or among the people of any particular gathering.So be with us to keep in touch with your sense of humour and in adventure of developing it because we create a special combination of science and humour.

      Humour and Fun have a close relation with each other because one is incomplete without other,so when you are with someone who has a great sense of humour you are definitely in a fun mood because that person is making you forget all of your worries by his jokes and good sense of humour.
        So we invite you to become the the part of our family and enjoy both the Fun and the Humour..

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